Food Scientist, Quality Assurance

General Description

The role of the Food Scientist will apply food science knowledge to evaluate food product processing, handling, packaging and storage procedures to ensure the highest levels of product safety and sanitation are maintained throughout the distribution facilities.

Essential Duties

  • Monitor food production process to ensure plant procedures are within written protocols
  • Improve and audit food safety systems consistent with USDA requirements, HAACP plan, cGMPs, Five S, and Rotisystems best practices.
  • Audit and ensure process controls, lot tracking, environmental conditions, and compliance within the various departments of the production center.
  • Collaborate with internal Process Implementation Team, suppliers, and production center management to maintain detailed specifications for all meant, RTC, RTE items handled by Rotisystems.
  • Participate in R&D process to create and build new food products, specifications, and scale up production runs.
  • Confirm testing protocol and manage sample coordination with third party labs as needed; interpret data to working knowledge and update databases as needed.
  • Conduct and implement allergen swabbing and implement lab testing programs.
  • Follow employee safety initiative for all operations and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal safety requirements including OSHA.
  • Provide record keeping and practices to maintain organic certification, Non-GMO project and food safety audits and compliance; provide record keeping on all food safety implementation, and initiatives.
  • Provide technical documentation and response to address consumers and customer requests; assist in handling product inquires and follow up on retrieved complaints as identified by Process Team.
  • Participate in the annual food safety team meeting and HACCP meeting.
  • Maintain knowledge of food science, changing regulatory and industry practices to improve overall safety and practices.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Science or related.
  • Course taken in Food Processing, Food Regulations, and Food Chemistry
  • 2 years experience working as Food Scientist, Quality Assurance or Quality Assurance Specialist

Work Location