Mango Coconut Chicken Rice Bowl on a counter next to a container of mango coconut chicken

Mango Coconut Chicken Rice Bowl

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Serves 1

With school back in session, it can be tough to plan meals to make for yourself, let alone your kids! Thankfully, our friends at Square Baby have come up with a delicious and eye-catching recipe that your kids will love and that you’ll love feeding them. This recipe also includes two of our very own Butcher’s products–talk about a two-fer!

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  1. Fill a mason jar with a cup of water and a pinch of pink pitaya powder. Shake well to turn the water pink.
  2. Bring the pink water to a boil, along with 1/2 cup white rice, then lower heat and cook until water is dissolved and you end up with fluffy, pink rice.
  3. For the remaining colors, repeat with a pinch of turmeric for yellow, matcha powder for green, blue spirulina for blue, and black goji powder for purple.
  4. Top rainbow rice with Mango Coconut Chicken Square Meal and Butcher’s Chicken

Made With

Salt & Pepper Chicken