A colorful Southwestern Chicken Mason Jar Salad next to a slice of lime

Southwestern Chicken Mason Jar Salad

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Serves 2

Upgrade your work lunch and be the envy of all of your coworkers with these make-ahead salad jars! With our Butcher’s Chicken already cooked, it’s a matter of throwing together the ingredients in a big enough jar to satiate your appetite. Who says salads have to be boring?



  1. Prepare two large mason jars. Add 2 Tbsp salad dressing in each jar.
  2. Divide ingredients among mason jars starting with Roli Roti Salad Chicken, black beans, corn, bell peppers, red onions, carrots, cotija cheese, and top with 1½ cup chopped romaine lettuce. Add a lime wedge at the top of each jar.
  3. To eat, shake the jar until all ingredients are coated in the dressing. Pour into a bowl and enjoy!

Made With

Salt & Pepper Chicken