BUTCHER’S by Roli Roti

We’ve also branched out and created retail products, crafted with the same high standards as we do with our rotisserie, sourcing from family farms that we trust.

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Every bottle of Roli Roti Butcher’s Bone Broth is made the same way. Bones are slow-roasted to perfection, creating deep layers of flavor. Next, fresh organic vegetables are added, and together, they simmer for 24 hours. That’s it—no added salt or preservatives. The result is a naturally thick, rich, and nutritious broth that you can cook with or simply enjoy on its own.

Organic Beef
Bone Broth

Organic Chicken
Bone Broth

Organic Turkey
Bone Broth

Organic Vegetable


Roli Roti Butcher’s Salad Chicken is a ready-to-eat sous vide white chicken breast meat that is ready to add to virtually any dish or to be eaten all on its own. 
Gently cooked to perfection in custom spice blends from Oaktown Spice, Salad Chicken makes overcooked chicken breast a thing of the past. 
Simply eat straight from the box, or gently heat and add to add any dish that needs an extra delicious boost of protein.

Salt & Pepper
Salad Chicken

Lemon Pepper
Salad Chicken

Chile Limon
Salad Chicken

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